How Companies can support AIM Education

AIM Education welcomes support from business. If your company is community focussed and looking to support a local Charity please have a look at some of the different ways in which you could make a difference.

How supporting AIM Education could benefit your organisation:

There are many ways in which your company can help AIM Education

From fundraising, to championing our events through corporate sponsorship, through getting your staff involved there is a variety of engaging methods in which your business and AIM Education can work together for the benefit of the community.

Your firm isn’t based in Leeds? That’s not a problem. Helping youngsters onto the right path is an issue that has an impact nationally! Getting involved with AIM helps your company wherever you’re based to make an investment in tomorrow’s citizens who are ultimately future employees, consumers or investors.

Becoming a Corporate Supporter:

To run the different AIM Education programmes over a 12 month period including alternative education provision, breakfast clubs, after school clubs, school holiday activity and development camps and all post 16 sessions it costs over £2000,000. Although we have been lucky enough in the past to receive funding from charities/businesses including Sports Lottery and Mars. We are wanting to put together a more robust funding mechanism where funding is ongoing and providing greater security for all of our provisions.

We recognise with the nature of the economy and the stretch on company budgets large one off outgoing expenses may be difficult to find and we wanted to look at other ways to engage corporate members. We appreciate all support offered and have different packages in place to suit a range of businesses whether a local trader or multi-national corporation.

Corporate Supporter Packages

Metis Membership (Titan goddess of good counsel, advice, planning, craft and wisdom.)

An annual donation of £300 or a monthly donation of £25

Apollo Membership (Olympian god of light, music, poetry, knowledge, and the sun.)

An annual donation of £600 or a monthly donation of £50

Athena Membership (Olympian goddess of wisdom, warfare, civilization, strength, strategy, crafts, and justice.)

An annual donation of £1200 or a monthly donation of £100

Prometheus Membership (Greek god of forethought, the god of intelligence, and a champion of humanity)

An annual donation of £3000 or a monthly donation of £250

All AIM Education Supporter packages will include representation on the AIM Education website and all social media platforms, recognition on the quarterly newsletter, opportunities to visit the center and look at the impact your funding is having and an invitation to the annual dinner celebrating the positive work being done.

Linked In:

You could join the AIM Education Supporters Network on Linked In if you believe that your business or contacts could help us to achieve our goals. This group provides information about upcoming events at AIM Education as well as specific initiatives by which companies can help us. It also provides an opportunity to network with other professional supporters of AIM Education.

Event sponsorship and support:
AIM runs several events each year attracting many supporters. For each event, there is a variety of opportunities for sponsorship from t-shirts at a sports activity to glasses and barrels at the Beer Festival or putting your name to one of our networking events.

Staff development
Many of AIM’s events have scope to help your business develop your staff. Get in touch to find out how we can tailor aspects of our events to meet your training and development needs.

Gifts of equipment or gifts in kind:
As a charity, sourcing expensive items of equipment can sometimes be out of our reach. We are always on the lookout for donations of equipment such as soft play apparatus, sports goods and arts and craft materials. AIM also hosts several events for our members throughout the year, including Halloween and Christmas parties any suitable donations such as decorations or raffle prizes are always gratefully received.

As an example we were fortunate to enough to have t-shirts and advertising material for a recent event donated by Active Workwear Ltd. Whatever your business has to spare, it could be of use to us!

What’s more, gifts in kind are a tax efficient way of supporting AIM Education. The original cost, which you incurred in purchasing the goods, is allowable as an expense when calculating your profits, which are liable for tax. For VAT purposes, the gift to a charity for resale is zero-rated; this means that you are allowed to reclaim any VAT as a result of donating goods to AIM Education.

Charity of the Year Partnerships:
Why not make AIM Education your chosen charity for one year? Together we can make a difference to the lives of young people and also help raise the profile of your company – it’s a perfect way to raise staff moral by getting them to back a great cause. And of course, you’re welcome to come to AIM and meet some of members to see exactly where your money goes!

Collection Tins:
A simple, quick and easy way of helping AIM Education is to have one of the AIM’s collection tins in your business  –  they’re small enough to fit on the surface of any staff room work top or reception desk. To quote a well know supermarket chain, ‘every little helps’ and collection tins are a great way to collect loose change, every penny goes to make a vital difference.

Advertising sponsorship
AIM Education has a dedicated supporter’s newsletter that is published every quarter. Distributed throughout the City and to over 100 of our Patrons, many of whom are important business leaders in Leeds, advertising in or sponsoring the newsletter is a great way for your business to be seen by the right people.

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Find out more about Supporting AIM Education:

If you’d like to find out more about Fundraising, or any other form of support your Company can offer AIM Education please email CEO Carl Harrison on 


AIM Education Individual Membership Policy

What is AIM Education Membership?

As a charity that works closely with the local community we are very keen to develop a membership base of people who not only support the work we do but want to have an input into our future growth.

As a signed up member of AIM Education we will keep you informed of the work we are doing regularly through our newsletter.

We will invite you to join the rest of the AIM Education team at future events, this could include presentations, anniversary’s and fundraisers like Leeds Trek.

Members will also be invited along to the Annual General Meeting each November where they will have an opportunity to nominate and vote on board membership. Be provided with a review of the previous 12 months and vision for the future from the CEO and Chair. Offer any ideas for future programmes or feedback from the previous 12 months.

Expectation of AIM Education Members

What we ask of members is that they are an advocate of AIM Education in their day to day life, promoting the work we do to friends, family and colleagues. We ask for members to join us on all key events and help us celebrate our successes. Assist us in selecting the right people to govern the organisation and ensure transparency in all areas.

How do I become a member of AIM Education?

Membership of AIM Education is managed through invitation, existing members will make recommendations to the board of trustees or CEO. We will then contact the individuals via email and see if they would like to become a member and ask for them to complete a membership form.

Each member is committed to making a £5 annual donation at the AGM each November, all funds going towards supporting AIM Education programmes.

Any members who fail to support AIM Education appropriately or bring the name of AIM Education into a negative light will have their membership reviewed by the board of trustees which may lead to membership being revoked.

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