We currently run Alternative Provision for all Secondary School Years between Year 7 – 11 and highlighted below are learners from each of those year groups demonstrating the positive impact we can have.

Pathways Case Study – Back into Mainstream School

A Year 8 student, Mark*, came to AIM Education half way through the academic year when his behaviour became too challenging for mainstream school. Mark is dyslexic and finds Maths, in particular, very hard. When frustrated, he would lash out angrily, becoming aggressive towards staff and storming out of classrooms. It was decided that the smaller environment at AIM, with a greater staff-student ratio, would provide Mark with the support he needed to regain his academic confidence.

Mark thrived at AIM Education. Although initially refusing to attend Maths lessons with us, the careful persistence of staff led to him becoming more comfortable with the subject and it was clear to see his pleasure when he completed difficult work. He showed himself to be a funny, kind-natured and thoughtful young man; someone with an eagerness to achieve academically.

During his time at AIM Education, Mark’s mum told us that he “enjoys going to AIM and feels comfortable. He never has any problems and there are people there to talk to if he needs to talk to anyone.”

Towards the end of his time at AIM Education, Mark took part in our Student Takeover Day during which students carried out staff roles at all levels of the organisation. Despite having been on holiday during the planning stages, arriving back at AIM on the day of the Takeover, Mark immediately got stuck in, taking on the role of Lunchtime Assistant. The staff member working with Mark was greatly impressed by his proactive attitude and helpfulness, not least because he kept asking for more tasks to help out with! Mark received a Gold Award for his participation in the event and was praised by all the staff who encountered him on the day.

Towards the end of Mark’s few months with us, he began his transition back into mainstream school on a one day per week basis. Although he found this reintegration challenging, his personal mentor at AIM supported him and encouraged him to keep trying, and we are now extremely pleased that Mark has begun Year 9 back in mainstream full-time. All the staff at AIM can honestly say that they will miss Mark, but he has earned his place back in school and we couldn’t be happier!

Pathways Case Study – Changing your Mindset

Adam* was referred to AIM Education at the beginning of Year 11 after being excluded from mainstream school. This followed years of behavioural issues that seemed to escalate with age. Concerns over his behaviour in school combined with concerns about home life, issues with the police and referrals to other support agencies.

Initially, Adam attended AIM two days a week and went to other alternative provisions the rest of the time. From the outset it was clear to AIM staff that he had huge potential and was a very intelligent young man. However, he also had serious trust and anger issues, and we worked hard to build trust through his learning mentor. It took a number of weeks to develop a relationship with him and for every two steps forward there seemed to be a step back. It soon became clear that he felt resentment towards mainstream school, and this was boiling over into his attitude at alternative provisions. Over time, Adam dropped out of the other provisions but at AIM Education he began to develop a stronger bond. His interest in sport and practical activities, along with strong relationship with his learning mentor, kept him on track through a tough early period.

During the first term Adam’s attendance improved dramatically, and his behavioural issues reduced week on week. Adam’s confidence also grew and he eventually regained a placement within an onsite school provision 3 days a week.

The Assistant Principal at Adam’s school stated that the work done at AIM had been instrumental in getting Adam to a point where he was allowed to return to onsite provision. Adam himself is making plans for the future and his post-16 education, and aspires to work as a sports coach. He says “AIM Education have made me realise that being angry with school and teachers won’t help me. Getting stuck in and having a go means I can get a good job in the future”.

Pathways Case Study – One Incident Changes Everything

Kamil* had never been a challenging student at school. In fact, he was a quiet hard-worker who none of the school staff would have expected would finish Year 11 in alternative provision.

However, Kamil was a victim of bullying in school, and one day this became too much for him and he brought a weapon into school and threatened another student. With only a few months to go until he was to sit his GCSEs, Kamil was referred to us at AIM Education.

At AIM, Kamil found a safe environment where he was untroubled by other students and developed great relationships with staff. During his time off in school holidays, Kamil has even volunteered at the AIM Education Get Active Camps.

After an initial short-term placement with us, Kamil was offered a place back at school. However, he refused to take up this offer, preferring to remain at alternative provisions and complete Year 11 offsite. He went on to achieve 5 A*-C grades at GCSE and to take up a post-16 college placement afterwards.


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