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Creating opportunities to overcome inequalities and enrich local communities.

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jamie-jones-buchanan-filteredAIM Education and Jamie Jones Buchanan

I am on the Board of AIM education, which is a separate organisation run by Carl Harrison out of the Stanningley ARLFC venue.  Its aim is to provide out of school provision for children who might find themselves struggling with every day school life

and through sport and activity hopes to get them back on the right path with accredited qualifications. AIM is a fantastic initiative and being just a local Bramley lad who has been fortunate to have had a privileged journey through sport I am passionate about giving back to the local youth and making small pockets of Leeds like west Leeds and helping the youth to be everything they possibly can be.  If I was to plead for your your support in any of these options AIM would certainly be at the top of my list.

AIM is also looking for new board members and volunteers who might be willing to have an actual input into the work Aim is doing and people such as yourself in would be ideal, even if it was a couple of hours in a month.

Aim is working collaboratively with council organisations such as positive futures and the Leeds rugby foundation.


Aim Education