AIM Education opens the doors at The Mill

On  7th September 2015 AIM Education spent our first day working in our own facility, The Mill. It has been a very busy, challenging and rewarding summer as we have not only developed the new centre but ran the successful 6 week Summer Get Active Camps and had Leeds Trek 2015. We have so many people to thank for making last summer so special.

With deepest appreciation we thank, firstly, the person that has been instrumental in making our new centre happen, the Project Manager, Master Tradesman, Foreman and every other job that makes a construction site function Paul Carthy, you have been amazing and there is no way we could have done it without you.

The AIM Education team (Josh, Andy, Brad, Euan, Gemma, Jordan, Babs, Jordan, Emily and Anna) who managed to combine running the camps and developing a whole range of new building skills from bricklaying, painting, plasterboarding ect. Your enthusiasm, resilience, energy and flexibility always going above and beyond never goes unnoticed. The AIM Board, extended team of family and friends who have not only been there to support, lend advice and equipment but also given up so much of your own time to volunteer at the centre doing all manor of jobs (Amy, Kerry, Jenny, Simon, Anne, Brian, JJB, Tyrone, Rich, Rob, Mick, Cameron, Liz and Ben). Our Junior Leaders (Shannon and Liam) who worked so hard on this years Summer Get Active and made such a positive impact on young childrens school holidays. Mrs Precious for supporting our pastoral team on a Monday afternoon.

All the parents, carers and Children who made this Summer Get Active so successful, we hope to see you all again over the next holidays.

The Leeds Trek committee, Trek Makers and Trekkers who all worked your socks off to raise funds to go towards the new centre.
Chris and the family for your continued sponsorship and support.

We have been so fortunate to get the support from some fantastic businesses over this Summer; Gibbs and Dandy (Darren, Paul, Tim, Ruth and the team) have been fantastic not only donating £500 worth of building materials, all internal doors and toilets but massive discounts on all other materials required.

KC Design House, Huddersfield (Richard, Charlotte, Jason and team) donating a full specialist kitchen and dropping it off to our centre.

Connect Up (Neil, Lee, Pete, Andy and team) providing so much electrical equipment, fitting, expertise and support that has been vital in getting the centre up and running.

Dulux Decorator Centre (Sarah, Kerry and Team) donating over 50 tins of paint of a variety of colours that have given the centre life.

Rodley Flooring (Mark, Simon and team) giving us such a fantastic unbelievably low cost deal on a roll of carpet that has done the whole centre.

The Fitness Mill (Gary, Sam and team) always supportive of everything we do from Leeds Trek to being the introduction to the new centre and ongoing assistance and advice.

Gough and Kelly, Lisa Crawshaw, Kiesan, Urban Bakery have been great Landlords and Neighbours while we have been working on the site always offering assistance, lending us equipment and general supportive messages.

West Leeds Rugby Union who hosted Leeds Trek and continue to support the work we do at AIM.

Active Workwear (Mike and the team) always being one of our biggest advocates, providing all our kit and sponsoring Leeds Trek.

SMART AID (David, James, Katie and Lucy) always a massive support including a cracking article in this months City Dweller Magazine.

West AIP (Ali, Wayne, Shane and the team) allowing us the use of the fantastic West 11 building over the summer.


Special thanks to the following for their donations and support to the project:

KC Design house –

Rodley Flooring –

Dulux Decorator Centre –

Connect Up –

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